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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Harry's Video Blog - Another Brick in the Wall: Parshat Toldot


Friday, January 13, 2012

BuildASite.US | When You Are Ready To Build A WebSite- Build With US!

BuildASite.US | When You Are Ready To Build A WebSite- Build With US!: "Not every image that we use for your website will be a masterpiece of color and texture. We value your vision and the direction you provide us with. We enjoy some artistic freedom yet also understand that we need to bring your sensibilities into our design. "

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Market Niche info: sancloud9.blogspot.com - Sites Linking in - from Alexa

Market Niche info: sancloud9.blogspot.com - Sites Linking in - from Alexa: "HURSDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2011
sancloud9.blogspot.com - Sites Linking in - from Alexa
sancloud9.blogspot.com - Sites Linking in - from Alexa: "Sites Linking to SanCloud9
Many inbound links can help improve your rank in search engines, and can serve as a measure of a site's reputation. The list below shows the top 100 sites with inbound links to sancloud9.blogspot.com. Multiple links from the same site are only counted once. Links from adult sites are counted, but will not be listed below."

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Monday, December 12, 2011

ChaiDomains A Venture in the Making!: TheWritersCafe.org

ChaiDomains A Venture in the Making!: TheWritersCafe.org: "TheWritersCafe.org: "Well, I develop websites, sell web advertising and hosting and I invest in domains.”

Lets try to remember that a web professional basically lives for that question, especially when they are right there doing what they do best.""

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Shidduch dating can be very awkward « Frum Satire: The Rantings of A Frum Yid With A Warped Perspective

Shidduch dating can be very awkward « Frum Satire: The Rantings of A Frum Yid With A Warped Perspective: "Awkward Shidduch moments:
Initial Phone Call: In the yeshivish world the phone call lasts about 10 minutes and is a courtesy and logistics call. In my world the phone call can last up to 3 hours and can seem like a date. The problem with long phone calls, is that you build up this picture in your head and the long phone calls are always with girls who you end up being very unattractive.
Every time I make the first phone call, I hope for an answering machine, then they have to call me – cant explain that feeling but it’s a good one. Either way, I used to get very nervous during the first few minutes, no idea why, just did. One day that nervousness ended, but its been replaced by awkwardness, of the bad kind – because you don’t get to watch them in their moment."

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Have not posted anything here in a long time.

Its been a long time since I have posted here. I suppose it has to do with other priorities coming before the very important process of dating.

I am aware of a new dating site that came out from someone I know right here in Passaic. On a professional level it certainly makes sense to take the time to fill out the profile during the trial period while it does not cost anything to join.

The link I have provided above is not to the website that I am speaking about but rather to a website which I am actively soliciting advertising for. I would like to simply state here that many of my web sites are in relatively rapid growth phase. I am perfectly willing to provide statistics to those who may have a serious interest.

Additionally I am considering automating the ad selling on select websites. so that the ads I have available can be sold without requiring me to actually "push people" to advertise.

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Frum Find.org

The Place To Find All Things Frum! Featuring all varieties of writing, photos, information sharing, relating to primarily Jewish related issues. Some exciting new features are being developed for this website and it's affiliates.

Statistics Summary for frumfind.org

Frumfind.org is ranked #881,200 in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings. The site has attained a traffic rank of 157,820 among users in the US, where almost all its audience is located. This site is based in the US. Additionally (and perhaps most importantly) this site is relatively popular among users in the city of New York-where it is ranked #16,269.

Finally, the third website which is offering advertising is:


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Stephen C. Sanders
Web developer and innovative ventures.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Shidduch Site

The Shidduch Site: "The Shidduch Site is designed to be the ultimate resource for Orthodox observant singles in the Mid-Atlantic area. Although its focus is on the Maryland, D.C., Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania regions, much of the content on the site is applicable to shidduch dating singles everywhere.

This site is greared towards Orthodox observant singles of all flavors, from modern to yeshivish. As a result, while most links and content are chosen specifically for the observant Jewish audience, some links and content representing the larger audience of regional Jewish singles is included. It is hoped that this content will also prove useful to observant Jewish singles, as well."

Thursday, July 9, 2009


There is a story told that someone questioned what Hashem does all the years since creating the universe. The answer given was that He spends His time making shidduchim.

The Torah also teaches that finding one's shidduch is as difficult as the splitting of the Red Sea (Sanhedrin 22a). G-d is All Powerful and able to do anything. If this is true, then why should finding one's shidduch be as difficult as the splitting of the Red Sea? G-d can do anything!

One beautiful explanation I once heard was that it depends on our perspective. When you have the outlook and faith like that of Nachshon ben Aminadav -the first Jew to walk into the Red Sea then the splitting of the Red Sea is easy! Nachson ben Aminadav had pure faith that even though the sea was in his path, that somehow something would happen to change this. He began to walk into the sea, and by the time the waters reach close to his nose, they split!

Couretesy of: Leiv Esther



Leiv Esther

Leiv Esther: "Speedily they took Hillel down from the roof and brought him into the Beis Midrash. Despite being Shabbos, they did what was necessary to revive Hillel and placed him next to the warm fire. Shemaya and Avtalyon stated that it is permissible to desecrate Shabbos to save a human life and even more so for Hillel who had been dangerously sick from exposure to the cold and snow.

From this time on, Hillel studied together with these great sages until he too became one of our leaders. (Talmud, tractate Yoma 35b)

While it is true that money should not be an obstacle to studying Torah and Hillel clearly demonstrated. Nevertheless it is rare to find someone of the stature of Hillel in today's generation - a weakened generation. This story about Hillel shows us the potential that someone can have if given the right opportunity."

Hey folks its me bumping up a blog, with perhaps a familiar story. The Ikar I am getting to will be with the the links below. Adding my part ot trying to rebuild the Beis Hamikdash one brick at a time via Shadduchim!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Singles Event Needs Single Men-Bklyn Thurs 8:30PM

Remember guys, all it takes is one, the right one. A long overdue Mazel Tov to Yussi Teitlebaum and his Kalah, Frannie.
Frannie has informed me of a mixed singles event that will be attended by women in their 30's (and some in their 40's) to take place in Brooklyn. I was told that there is a shortage of men, so I realized that a post to this site might help even up the ratio.

Location: 1935 Ocean Parkway, between S & T, 2nd floor Bklyn, NY 11223
Time: Thursday 8:30PM, Rabbi Yedid @ 10pm
Thursday, June 18 (the day after my birthday) 2009

G-d willing, I am hoping to attend but may not be able to stay past 10pm to hear the Rabbi Yedid speak, because I need to attend to my usual weeknight domestic duties in Passaic NJ. So I can take a couple of guys with me in my car as long as your willing to leave Brooklyn, by 10pm, or later if I can arrange a sleepover for Dinah.

Aharon Moshe Sanders

Monday, January 26, 2009

KOSHER Dunkin Donuts on Main Avenue! - The Petition Site

KOSHER Dunkin Donuts on Main Avenue! - The Petition Site: "help us get the new Dunkin Donuts on Main Avenue Kosher!

In conjunction with Mr. Haque, the proprietor of the new Dunkin Donuts on Main Avenue, I am leading an online petition campaign to get this store properly certified. The primary obstacle is a contract policy that Mr. Haque has with his corporate superiors that insists on a full menu (i.e., one that includes ham and saugage).

In order to obtain a waiver, Mr. Haque is required to produce evidence of community support for a restricted menu (i.e., one that will comply with kashrus standards).

Please help us by signing your name and forwarding on to as many people as possible.

Thank you!"

Kosher Dunkin Donuts in Passaic Get Involved Click Here and sign the Petition!

May our future Kosher Dunkin Donuts Help promote the mingling of Frum Singles in Passaic and lead to more marriages and G-d willing more frum children!

Proudly posted here by: Aharon Moshe Sanders

Remember to think globally, and act locally! Can we change the world?

Yes We Can!

The Writers Cafe.org

Friday, January 9, 2009

JOC Snowtubing Party Sat Jan 24 @8pm-Mahwah, NJ


Theninth annual JOC snowtubing party will take place on Saturday night,Jan 24th at Ski Campgaw, only 35 minutes from the GW bridge.
Woo Hoo!

For this years trip, we are switching back toCampgaw, where there is a nice warm lodge right next to the tubinglanes. That way, if we go on the coldest night of the year, like we did last year, we wont lose any fingers :)

This is always one of JOCs biggest and most fun events of the year. Whether you
are new and have been lurking on the list for a long time, or have been a
regular for a while, dont miss out on this fun event!


After Shabbat: Carpools depart from NYC and other locations
7:30-8:00: Arrive at Ski Campgaw, receive snowtubing ticket.
8:00-9:55: Enjoy snowtubing!
9:55- 10:00:

Throughout the night, we will be able to relax in their lodge which is right next to the tubing run, wherethere will be a light dinner (pita, spreads, veges, fruits etc...). All food, is, of course, strictly Kosher.

Recession special! The price of the event is $29 which includes a 2 hour snowtubing session and light dinner.

We will be getting there via carpool.A week prior, we will send out a spreadsheet of drivers, and you willbe responsible to make arrangement to get to Campgaw.
If there is demand, we will rent a busthat would leave from the Upper West Side, but a heads up that suchrides are expensive ($30 a person?)

The tubing largely depends on weather conditions. Sometimes the course
is fast and icy, other times it is more slushy (which makes for great
snowball conditions). In past years, it has been quite an adrenaline rush, but there are no guarantees.
Either way, youll have a great time!

Expect cold weather, my friends! Layer up with a shirt (synthetic is best), a sweater (fleece) and a warm jacket. Ifyou have ski pants, thats your best bet for your lowerhalf. Non-cotton socks are best for your feet, and dont forget gloves,and a warm hat. A neck gaiter is a nice plus. Skirts are doable.

No! JOC is an outdoors club open to all, although, a vast majority of
attendees will be single.

Spaceis allotted on a first come, first served basis. There are 125 spotsavailable, and I expect that we will fill up. As we have purchasedevery available ticket for that session, there is no possibility forlast minute add-ons once we are full.


1) Please go to www.jocsnowtubing.eventbrite.com and fill out the form.


2) Paypal the amount ($29) to


I can only sign you up once I have received payment -registration alone is not sufficient.

Also, please note that this cost does not include paying drivers. The amount that JOC recommends is $10 a person.

Cancellations will be accepted up till January 15th for a full refund. After that, I cannot offer a refund,
but you can find someone else to take your place and deal with the
reimbursement on your own with that person.

Please note that in the event of inclement weather, the trip is postponed to
a future date to be decided. Please check emails if it seems like a possibility.

Happy New Year to all, and looking forward to seeing you on the slopes!

-Alon Krausz

The Jewish Outdoors Club is a New Jersey based not for profit organization (501(c)(7) status pending) whose mission is to bring Jews together to enjoy the great outdoors.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

IY"H, Rebbetzin Lea Feldman is coming to Passaic

Boris Gelfand wrote:
Dear all,

We are excited to announce: IY"H, Rebbetzin Lea Feldman is coming to Passaic for two days to meet with single men and women to arrange shidduchim and to provide chizuk and guidance.

Rebbetzin Feldman, former Rebbetzin at Neve Yerushalayim and wife of Rosh Yeshiva Rov Aharon Feldman of Ner Yisroel (author of The River, the Kettle, and the Bird), has many years of experience advising singles and made countless shidduchim.

Rebbetzin Feldman's schedule in Passaic will be as follows:

Sunday, January 18, 2009:

12:40 PM to 6 PM -- private meetings (20 minutes per person)

7 PM - 8:30 PM -- group presentation for single women

8:30 PM - 10 PM -- group presentation for single men

Monday, January 19, 2009
(Martin Luther King Day):

9 AM to 1 PM -- private meetings (20 minutes per person)

If you would like to meet with the Rebbetzin privately, please e-mail me at gelfand.boris@gmail.com with your top 3 preferences of the time slots, choosing from the following options:

Sun, Jan 18th: 12:40 PM, 1, 1:20, 1:40, 2, 2:20, 2:40, 3, 3:20, 3:40, 4, 4:20, 4:40, 5, 5:20, 5:40.

Mon, Jan 19th: 9 AM, 9:20, 9:40, 10, 10:20, 10:40, 11, 11:20, 11:40, 12 Noon, 12:20 PM, 12:40.

Monday private appointments are for those who are off for Martin Luther King day. Therefore, if you can meet with the Rebbetzin on Monday, Jan 19th, kindly do not sign up for the time slots on Sun, Jan 18th.

Indicate if you will be participating in the group presentations.

Until Thursday, January 8th, we are giving priority to Passaic singles to sign up for the private appointments. After that date, we will open the appointments to the singles in the tri-state area. Reserve quickly!

All events will take place, IY"H, at the house of Jeff and Marla Schachter at 207 Aycrigg Ave b/w Pennington and Passaic Ave.

We hope you will take this opportunity to meet Rebbetzin Feldman.

A project of Yad L'Simcha.

Hineni Super Singles Supperette For Ages 40+

Hineni - newsletter

If you do not wish to receive the Hineni Newsletter in future: Click here to unsubscribe

powered by

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Off Topic Post, Daven for List

Please say Tehillim for our wounded soldiers in E"Y - here's the list - please daven hard:

Dvir ben Laya - seriously injured;

Noam ben Aliza - one leg amputated; doctors fighting to save the other;

Li'el Hoshea ben Miriam - serious head injury;

Neriya ben Rivka - serious head injury;

Yitzchak ben Navah - moderate shoulder injury;

Netanel ben Navah - moderate shrapnel wounds to a lower extremity;

Maxim ben Olga - light lower extremity injury;

Yisrael ben Ilana - light shrapnel injury to an ear;

Yo'ad Ido ben Frieda Rivka - light shrapnel injuries;

Idan ben Liora - light shrapnel injuries;ID 284793)

Nadav ben Miriam - light shrapnel injuries;

The note-worthy perosn of the moment providing us with this list is a 49 yr old woman from Scarsdale:

Frumster ID#: ID 284793

Age: 49, Female
From: Scarsdale, New York, United States
Family Status: divorced with a get, with children
Religious Practice: Modern Orthodox (machmir)
Religious Background: from a religious family
Ethnicity: ashkenazi


PS: Keep your eyes open for the Passaic Singles event Sunday Jan 18, 2009, details to be posted soon!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

HaRav Shlomo Brevda, shlitâ Will Give a Shiur on
Rosh Hashana.
This Tuesday, September 16th 8:30 PM
@ Ahavas Israel
181 Van Houten Avenue
Separate Seating for Men and Women
In the Ballroom
Donation $5
Sponsorships Available

Monday, September 8, 2008

Community-Wide Shidduch Gathering on Wednesday, September 10, 2008, @ 8:30pm

Yad L'Simcha is organizing a Community-Wide Shidduch Gathering on Wednesday, September 10, 2008 at the home of Mrs. Alison Sage @ 8:30 p.m.

This gathering is a forum where members of the community present information about single men, who the presenters know fairly well so that they can answer questions about them, to see if anyone present knows appropriate single women to create matches. Single men of all ages can be presented.

If you would like to be presented, please ask any member of the community who knows you well to present you at the gathering. If you do not know anyone who would be able to present you, please contact Mrs. Varda Berkovitz, Yad L'Simcha coordinator, at dvberkovitz@yahoo.com , to arrange for such presentation.

approved for posting by Mrs. Varda Berkovitz
emailed from Bentzion,
and NYM@yahoo.com

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mazal Tov!

Mazal Tov to Rivkie Lichstein upon her engagement to Michael Stall of Boca Raton , Florida.

Forgot to include last names, sorry!

After one year, on the free Web Host: tripod.com, the site below has been moved to a paid hosting environment. The old site with all of its files can still be found at:



Aharon Moshe

Any comments, criticisms or requests can be sent to me @ thewriterscafe.org@gmail.com

Salvation comes in an instant.


Salvation comes in an instant. In the deepest recesses of our heart's prison, we feel a sense of no escape. Some times it becomes so dark we do things blindly we later regret. I felt the sense of being trapped. The feeling of despair. The pain was so deep that it felt crippling at times. The source? I feel the source of my pain was mostly feeling something was wrong with me or my anger that life wasn't going the way I said it should. But the deepest source of the pain was cutting myself off from my source. From Hashem. Recognizing that even this is a blessing. Finding what to appreciate each day.

My Choson, Shlomo Zalman, said that one day he hopes I will be thankful for the wait. That I will see that it was all worthwhile to become his wife and the mother of his children and any regrets that I had to wait so long would melt away into a complete sense of joy and gratitude! May we all be blessed thus!

But here is the miracle I want to share with you.

I was quite attached to my depth of disappointment and pain. It was a quiet presence every day. Yet when I began to take on dating like my life depended on it, it started to melt away. When I went forward with clarity that I was going to give every guy a chance and see the best in them, Shlomo Zalman popped up.

He was by the way, one of the worst first dates I had been on! Darn those dashed expectations! More on that later.

But when we got close to engagement there was a transformation occurring for me. When he got clear he wanted me to be his wife, it was an instantaneous alteration in my whole being.

The pain melted away so completely that is only my compassion that recalls it. The core essence of my being seemed transformed. The disappointment is a faint echo that ceases to influence me. I never thought such an instantaneous and complete healing from a pain that was so deep could occur. It is amazing. It is freeing. I hope it gives each of you hope that if you too suffer from this pain, that it is NOT permanent. It can be washed away in a moment.

Salvation comes in an instant. Whisked from the dungeon to the Kings Palace. Yosef became a Prince and a Leader from a slave, with all the self confidence, dignity and strength required -- in an instant.

I want each of you to know that 6 weeks ago my future had single forever and no babies from my womb written all over it. Biological clock tick tock. Today, a mere holiday later -- a few brief weeks --and I will have four new children that are choosing to call me mom (or some variation) and a husband dedicated to expanding our family with me!

When I moved to Washington a fairly new Baalat Tchuva, I was part of a large singles community. Now, 10 years later I am the LAST of all the singles to be married. I was a shomeret for more than half the girls, I danced at their weddings, I watched the years go by, the many, many babies born. It didn't seem fathomable that I wasn't one of them. How could it be. I am over 13 years a Baalat Tchuva!

But Hashem has a plan. And part of that plan is that we experience blessings in every day and in every thing that is put before us. That we step up to the challenge and step out of ourselves.

It is possible in the spiritual realm that I tipped the scale to receive my besherit, or I only finally transformed myself to be ready to receive my besherit, through the merit of our Shavuot Getaway. Through taking the time and making the effort on others behalf -- It is akin to praying wholeheartedly for another. I encourage (as always) every one to keep working tirelessly on projects outside their own circle of benefit. Do for others, and let it transform you.

(By the way, highly possible that it was my ZIVUG that finally sorted himself out to be ready for me! Don't forget to pray that your Zivug be ready and find you!)

If I do not do for myself, who will do it for me?
And if I care only for myself, what am I?
And if not now, when?

NEVER FORGET, Hashem is with us every step of the way. He suffers as we do, and is only wanting for us to overcome what we must to fully receive the good and blessings we are being showered with in every moment. It is there.

In true appreciation and gratitude,

Chana Leika

posted from an e-mail from the author with permission-

Come visit a writer's site with a whole new look!


Aharon Moshe

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Wedding We Have Been Waiting For!

Many of us are looking forward to attending Lori and Yochanan's Wedding tonight in Teaneck. I for one know that he is hoping many of us will show up promptly @ 6pm. Some of us are invited to attend the reception and Chuppah while others will be staying for dinner and dancing. Yochanan has even suggested some of us can come early, grab a bite somewhere in Teaneck, and then come back for the simcha of dancing at his wedding!

Aryeh, happened to call me while I was composing this little email/newsletter and told me that because he can not get off work early, he needs a ride to the dancing portion of the wedding. He would like to leave from Passaic somewhere around 8:30pm to get there on time. Any ideas or offers can go to him directly.

Aharon Moshe (Stephen) Sanders

Monday, August 11, 2008

Mazel Tov to Yochanan.

I guess we should announce such events as weddings right here, even though I am sure that the Passaic chevra already knows. Looking forward to the wedding on Wed. Also when I last spoke with David L. Beyond BT,he was looking to close out the Shabbaton (Nachamu) by last Friday, however he said he was open to last minute guests.If interested I would suggest e-mailing him ASAP!

Dovid mentioned a shabbaton in Queens for singles 35 and up on NYM@yahoo, has anyone called, feel free to post here if you would like to share the info.

Once again Hatzlacha Rabba to all! May we all find our Zivug, speedily according to Hashem's will.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Shidduchim, the Dating Scene at Penn, and the Baalat Teshuva | Beyond BT - For Baalei Teshuva and Other Growth Oriented Jews

Shidduchim, the Dating Scene at Penn, and the Baalat Teshuva Beyond BT - For Baalei Teshuva and Other Growth Oriented Jews: "Beyond BT/SerandEz Shabbaton
Join us for the 3rd BBT Shabbaton in Kew Gardens Hills on Shabbos Nachamu, August 15-16, 2008.

Please join us for a full Shabbos program including relaxed catered meals and personal thoughts on the themes of Integration, Inspiration and Individuality. There will also be a Melave Malka with the latest incarnation of the BBT Jam Band.

Low price of $50 per person - Family and individual discounts available. We will provide accomodations.

Email us at beyondbt@gmail.com to register."

I spoke with David Lynn (Chaim Lynn's brother) who lives in Kew Garden Hills. One of our original 17 single Passaic guys asked the usual questions regarding percentage of singles versus families, female to male ratio, Hashkafa etc. I was satisfied with the answers as well as all the additional details: All meals will be together @ the Shul, inclding a Malava Malka. Plenty of relaxed time to socialize and interact with each other. All included for only $50!

I believe the phone number that I e-mailed everyone which was for David L. (not Mark) was wrong (off by one digit). The first three numbers after the area code are 992 {not 922}. I told him that I would definitely go, and asked him how the arrangements with the Shabbos host will be handled. He assured me that it could all be done via e-mail, no problem.

I am sure they appreciate early registration, however David did say that you can sign up until the end of this week. They are hoping for a group of over 75 people maybe even up to 120 people, some Passaic residents have already registered, some people from West Hempstead, and yes people from Brooklyn!

Wherever anyone goes for Shabbos Nachamu- Hatzlacha Rabba! May we all meet our Zivug!

PS: Only 3 days left to vote:
Before I Became Frum

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sweet Rose: Dating Thoughts

Sweet Rose: Dating Thoughts: "for the first time in their lives, are actively seeking to date. In the past, they have just happened to come across people who they fell into relationships with. And now, they are in situations where they have to really put effort and thought into meeting someone with the goal of a relationship.

I've had the opposite experience. I've usually been in the situation where I was actively seeking partners to date. It's a much more intensive, draining and frustrating process"

Monday, July 28, 2008

Before I Became Frum

Before I Became Frum: "Now that I'm frum, shomer negia, is something I have to adhere to. Before I became frum, if you said Shomer Negia, I might have asked 'is that the holiday like a week before before Yom Kippor, or is that the holiday sometime around June when we get the Torah?'"

Jewlicious » Blog Archive » Will Your Grandchildren be Jewish?

Jewlicious » Blog Archive » Will Your Grandchildren be Jewish?:

100 Orthodox Jews, with an intermarriage rate of 3% and an average 6.4 children per family increased their numbers to 2,588 Jews after 4 generations.

100 Modern Orthodox Jews, with an intermarriage rate of 3% and an average of 3.23 children per family also increased their numbers to 346 Jews.

Non-Orthodox and unaffiliated branches of Judaism did not fare so well in the continuity equation.

100 Conservative Jews decreased in number after 4 generations to 24 Jews (intermarriage rate: 37%, Average children per family: 1.82).

Jews affiliated with the Reform Movement also saw a significant decrease in number after 4 generations, going from 100 Jews to 13
(intermarriage rate: 53%, Average children per family: 1.72).

Unaffiliated Jews with an intermarriage rate of 72% and 1.62 children per family, were left with only 5 Jews after 4 generations."

How to Get Married After 35

How to Get Married After 35: "she ran into an old friend who had become observant. Her friend seemed happier than she'd ever seen her. I want some of that, Helena thought. So she began attending Torah study classes. At one of Aish HaTorah's High Holiday learning services she met Charlie, the man who would later become her husband.

She gave Charlie her 'I'm only dating for the purpose of marriage' speech on the second date.

Having been influenced by her classes and being very goal-oriented, she gave Charlie her 'I'm only dating for the purpose of marriage' speech on the second date. He stuck around, and 12 months later they were married.
Not content to bask in her personal happiness, Helena wanted to help others. She believed strongly in her method of dating and felt such regret over the time she had wasted.
She began to formulate some principles and strategies. Helena believes that every man or woman who is single and seriously wants to get married should have a post-it on their refrigerator, 'What one thing am I going to do today in service of my personal life?'
'We should bring the same passion, tenacity and principles to finding a marriage partner that we bring to business,' she proposes.
Action is far superior to complaining. We need to remain upbeat and, as Helena herself did, 'never lose faith that there is someone out there'."

Courtesy of: Aish.com

A book review by an Aish.com staff writer about by Helena Rosenberg who wrote:
"How to Get Married After 35: A User's Guide to Getting to the Altar" (Harper Collins Publishers)

Nice Jewish Girl

Nice Jewish Girl: "There are many things in life that do not always turn out the way we dreamed but we must deal with the circumstances as best we can when they arise. I never asked to be still single and lonely when I am 35. I have kept the halachos of S.N. as long as I possibly could and forever that will be something to be proud of, especially since it seems that there are very very few others my age who can say the same. It is true that in all the months of keeping this blog I have only received one or maybe two comments or emails as far as I remember from someone who was at least 35 and had never broken the laws of S.N. Everyone else is either married, or still single and S.N. but younger than I am. I have much to be proud of, but breaking halacha is never one of them. I am happy for myself that at last I have experienced something so basic to the human condition but pride would not be the right adjective for how I feel. Relieved and excited and hopeful for the future. But not proud.

I am aghast however at the vitriol from those few people who cannot seem to feel both compassion for me and faith in halacha at the same time. They seem to be experiencing some cognitive dissonance over the fact that on the one hand we are obligated to keep mitzvos and that as Orthodox people we do not feel there are any excuses for ever breaking a halacha, ever, except in cases of sickness or other danger to life . . . and yet all over the place are Orthodox people who break halachos all the time because keeping all the halachos all the time is very very challenging. Much too challenging for most people. Are there not any halachos that they, too, break in secret? Do not they, too, have something for which to repent this week? And is not our job to continue to do our best, though only angels are perfect in their service of Hashem?"

Courtesy of: http://shomernegiah.blogspot.com/

Secular Ideals Meet Frum Dating

Secular Ideals Meet Frum Dating: "I think each person should sit down and carefully, honestly, and critically evaluate the requirements he or she has for a prospective shidduch. Which characteristics are really sacrosanct and which would be nice but optional. This should preferably be done with the help of a dating mentor and/or competent halachic authority who knows the person very well. Generally, shidduch requirements should be the three or four essential values that a person needs to achieve shalom bayis and proper child rearing with a spouse."

Secular Ideals Meet Frum Dating

Secular Ideals Meet Frum Dating: "Winning is everything: When two people date, it is often turned into a game of who will cave in and answer with a “yes” or “no” first. Shadchanim have to chase after both parties to find out what happened. Even when one wants to say yes, he or she will do so only after knowing if the other party said yes as well. It’s important to show interest in the person you are dating, even if it makes you vulnerable"

Made In Heaven - Helping single frum Jewish Men and Women find their zivugim.

Made In Heaven - Helping single frum Jewish Men and Women find their zivugim.: "Mrs. Beverly Gross of Monsey, New York, created L’chaim International in direct response to what is now called ‘the Shidduch crisis. Basically, L’chaim advocates a group of women (ideally no more than 6) getting together at least once a month to present profiles of singles, without names, so there is no Loshon Horah involved. If someone listening thinks that they know someone for the person mentioned, she will approach the speaker, after the meeting and discuss it further. (By the way, men can have Shidduch meetings too!) When done correctly, it is a very beautiful and tznius way of going about making Shidduchim."

TBS: Upcoming Events

TBS: Upcoming Events
Temple Beth Shalom of Cambridge
"5:30 - 7:00 pm Tu B'Av Singles Mixer, Session A (35+)
Our singles mixers are now semi-annual by popular demand, but Tu B'Av is the original. Tu B'Av, the fifteenth (or full moon) of the month of Av, is traditionally considered a matchmaking occasion and/or an auspicious time for meeting one's beloved. Help us make this tradition a reality! We'll provide wine and cheese, other snacks and beverages, some informal icebreaking activities, and a relaxed environment for mingling.

Doors at 5:15pm to get registered for Session A. Cost: $15 ($12 full-time students). $5 discount with your online registration by 11:59pm on Saturday, August 16, 2008. FREE to dues-paid TBS members!"

Courtesy of: Temple Beth Shalom of Cambridge http://www.tremontstreetshul.org/upcoming_events.html

For frum singles 23-39 in Connecticut.

Friday, August 15th - Sunday, August 17th 2008
PLACE: The Sheraton Stamford Hotel, Stamford ConnecticutAGES: 23-39

HASHKAFA: Modern Orthodox Machmir and Yeshivish/Black HatPROGRAM : Fun, Fabulous Food & Friendly Faces! Live music, HelpfulShadchanim, & Inspiritational Shuirim! Interactive Programs Where YouMeet Hundreds of Singles!SIGN UP NOW!! 150 SPOTS HAVE SOLD OUT WITHIN 72 HOURS OF OPEN REGISTRATION! TO REGISTER PLEASE GO TO: Saw You At Sinai

Please note SawYouAtSinai and YUConnects are partners for this event. For more information, call (212) 600-0977

Courtesy of:

Post Research:
The Writers Cafe.org

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Beyond BT/SerandEz Shabbaton | Beyond BT - For Baalei Teshuva and Other Growth Oriented Jews

Beyond BT/SerandEz Shabbaton Beyond BT - For Baalei Teshuva and Other Growth Oriented Jews: "Beyond BT/SerandEz Shabbaton
July 12th, 2008 - Administrator
You are cordially invited to the Beyond BT/SerandEz Shabbaton in Kew Gardens Hills on Shabbos Nachamu, August 15-16, 2008. Please join us for a full Shabbos program including relaxed, catered meals and personal thoughts on the themes of Integration, Inspiration and Individuality. There will also be a melave malka with the BBT Jam Band (in its newest incarnation).
Pricing to follow. We will find accommodations for those residing outside of Kew Gardens Hills on a first request - first serve basis. Please e-mail us at beyondbt@gmail.com with questions, comments, or to rsvp. We look forward to seeing you all there"

Courtesy of Beyond BT: http://www.beyondbt.com/?p=1028

Events - Frumster.com - Jewish Dating for Marriage

Events - Frumster.com - Jewish Dating for Marriage:

Reservation is required

Location:The Hudson Valley Resort, 400 Granite Road, Kerhonkson, NY 12446
Cost:As low as $189
Phone:718-436-0682 from 12:30 PM till 11:00 PM


400 Granite Road
Kerhonkson, NY 12446

Friday August 15th - Sunday August 17th, 2008
As low as $189 till 8/11/08.

$30 RT Buses from Brooklyn, Midtown and the Upper West Side

Under Strict Supervision of Rabbi Zushe Blech
Benefit National Jewish Education Fund
Catering by Mickey Montal of N-More Caterers

Featuring: Rabbi Aharon Ziegler, Rosh Kollel Agudas Achim
Gabriella Strauss, Dynamic Torah Lecturer
Assemblyman Dov Hikind
and Shani Hikind, Exec. Dir. Ateret Kohanim,
Jerusalem Reclamation Project

718-436-0682 FROM 12:30 pm till 11:00 pm"

Courtesy of: http://www.frumster.com/events.php

No login required to visit the above link which lists singles events.

Changes In Pasaic Dating.blogspot.com

The blog is being opened up. The blog will be available to search engines.

This blog developed as a response to a perceived need. To date no one other then myself has opted to take the time to share their views on this blog. That's okay with me. Me posting and creating all the content for yet another google blog was not my original intention. I also believe that it was not Shlomo's original idea as expressed at our recent meeting,

1) I conclude to open the block up to search engines, and to allow anyone who surfs in via the Internet to read our blog.

2) I conclude to allow all who choose to to post their comments here. Comments may have various ID's (other then google as previously required) including something called open ID which I am just learning about.

3) I believe there is a mechanism for people who have opted in to be contributors on this blog to remove themselves from this list if they choose to do say. They are welcome to remain on in if they like. If they want to be removed from the contributor list they may send an email to me, and I will gladly comply in a timely manner.

4) The blogs goal still maintain true to helping Passaic frum jews to get married. If this blog also helps other frum jews to get married that is also good. My personal belief is that by helping other frum jews to get married, you are also helping yourself to get married. Unless of course if you are already married, in which case at the very least you are certainly doing a positive deed by helping other frum jews to get married.

Yes, I have heard about the Shidduch Crisis, and part of the goal of this blog is me doing my part.

As always your opinion, comments and suggestions are welcome either publicly or privately. If you have critical comments however, I would prefer them privately:


PS: A feature of this blog is that each new post can be sent to up to ten individual. Those who signed up to be contributors (which was initially the only to access this blog at its inception have now been set to receive an e-mail with each new post. All of our contributors will now be receiving such e-mails. At their private request I will also remove anyone from the e-mail list who tells me via e-mail that they want to be removed from the list. The e-mails are going out to the google e-mail addresses that were given during your sign up.

ADVICE?: Shabbat Nachamu - Janglo | Israel's largest online community for English speakers

ADVICE?: Shabbat Nachamu - Janglo Israel's largest online community for English speakers: "Thursday, 24 July 2008, 11:50 PM
Reply by email Forward Bookmark this
Help! We would like to get away for 3 nights Thu-Sat of Shabbat Nachamu. We need something religious (or at least someplace with davening and not very visible non-shabbat activities going on), but not overwhelming to our parents. We also need something that has stuff for kids (ages 4 & 7).

Not overly expensive is important as well."

Courtesy of: Janglo Israel's largest online community

Shabbos Shidduch Project-Shabbos Nachamu

Shabbos Shidduch Project-Shabbos Nachamu: "We ask you to do the following:
1. Invite several single Jewish Males and Females to your Shabbos Table, on Shabbos Night and Shabbos Day. 3-4 people nothing more. So that they meet in a non-pressured environment.
2. Make sure that these singles have something in common. From a similar background.
3. Expose your guests to the beauty of shabbos.
4. Let Hashem do the rest."

Courtesy of:Shabbos Shidduch Project-Shabbos Nachamu August 15-16, 2008-Toronto Jewish Singles

Friday, July 25, 2008

JFlatbushOnline : Message: Shabbos Nachamu Event: Early Bird Rates end next week!

JFlatbushOnline : Message: Shabbos Nachamu Event: Early Bird Rates end next week!:


Shabbos Nachamu at the Nevele Grande Resort
August 15-17

Visiting Day is Sunday, August 17

For Singles and Families
Singles ages: 20-39 & 45-60 (40-44 welcome!)

*Guest Speakers include: Rabbi Cary A. Friedman, world renowned
author and lecturer

**Motzai Shabbos Concert featuring Michoel Pruzansky, Mendy Wald &

Glatt kosher under strict Rabbinical supervision.

Early Bird Pricing:

$199 per person /4 in room
$229 per person/ 3 in room
$249 per person/ 2 in room
$399 for private room

Prices go up on August 1st!

Transportation available: $30 round trip

For reservations email Starsingles1@aol. com
or call Julie @ 516-582-2190 or Tzvi @ 800-816-3630"

SawYouAtSinai And YU Host Shabbos Nachamu Weekend

SawYouAtSinai And YU Host Shabbos Nachamu Weekend:

"SawYouAtSinai and YUConnects has opened registration for its annual Shabbos Nachamu singles weekend.

The event, which is geared toward Modern Orthodox machmir and yeshivish/black hat singles ages 23-39, will take place at the Sheraton Stamford Hotel in Stamford Connecticut on August 15-17.

Matchmakers from YUConnects and SawYouAtSinai will be available at the weekend to talk with attendees and to facilitate matchmaking. Interactive programming will enable singles to meet each other."

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Shabbat Nachamu Weekend Sharon Ganz & Friends

Shabbat Nachamu Weekend Sharon Ganz & Friends
Join Singles From Across the United States & Canada for your Best Shabbat Nachamu Weekend August 15 & 16, 2008 At: Cong. Tifereth Israel In Passaic, New Jersey
(just 15 mins. from NYC) Near: Secaucus Outlets, Rock climbing, Go-Carting on Route 17 & more
For Singles 25-37 & Singles 38+ To include: 3 Shabbat meals, Oneg Shabbat, Shabbat Tour of Passaic, Singles Mixers, Group Discussions, Sat Eve Party & more... Early fee: $139 (til Aug. 7) Late Fee : $159 (after Aug 7) Call Sharon (718)575-3962 or (646) 529-8748 (posted 7/15)

Courtesy of Luach.com

Our humble group also traces it roots back to a luach.com posting on the same page:

Town Hall Meeting for Single Men-July 16th Passaic-Clifton single men are invited to a town hall meeting. Yad L'Simcha, Passaic-Clifton's shidduch committee, will provide an open, uncensored forum to discuss ideas, concerns, and suggestions regarding what it could do to help you find your bashert. We are particularly interested in programming ideas for the future. This event is only open to single men of Passaic/Clifton. WHAT: An open-forum town hall meeting sponsored by Yad L'Simcha WHEN: Wednesday, July 16th at 8:30 p.m. WHERE: Shunie and Ira Perlmuter's home...

Thank you http://www.luach.com/posts/Region/passaic

PS: I usually strive for pinpoint accuracy with my link posts, but forgot to cut and paste the complete url. My apologies.

Question? Who is planning on sticking around Passaic for Shabbat Nachamu? What are other people planning? Any great events happening perhaps in the cooler climates such as the Catskills? Please post all such events. Inquiring minds want to know.

PS: I am not really going to post all the names and phone numbers of our group right here. However, I really need to know how anyone here feels about opening up this blog to a much wider audience. At the moment this whole blog may not seem to warrant any further effort on my part. I have got other blogs to attend to, sites to surf, people to meet, miles to walk etc.

So please, post now, or...

Public comments encouraged, private criticisms accepted:


More info needed.

Courtesy of NYM@yahoo.com

Forwarded message ----------From: Amitai Levin <amilevin@...>Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2008 23:37:32 -0400Subject: [Tif-mail] Housing Needed-Singles Shabbaton-Shabbos NachamuTo: Tifereth Email List <Tif-mail@...>

On Shabbos Nachamu August 16th Tifereth will be hosting a Singles Shabbaton.
All meals will be eaten in shul but housing is needed for those singles that are coming from out of town.

If you can house singles for that Shabbos please email me and let me know how many people you can house. In addition if you are able to assist in coordinating the housing please let me know.Thank you Amitai

Thank you Hugh. however more information is needed. Anyone with the full information:

Who is it for, how much. How to register etc. Please post it here.


I propose that our next follow up "Town Hall Meeting" take place @ Barry M's house say around 8pm on this coming monday or tuesday? What do you say, anyone want to second the motion. Barry can we have say a small group of us, I'd anticipate between 5-9 or so people tops, at your place?

Technical info., proposals, nominations and new services.

New services offered exclusively @ http://passaicdating.blogspot.com by invitation only.

The Rosenbaums are available for date coaching!

New posts do not get sent to all readers or authors automatically. Due to the nature of what we are doing I think people might have an anonymous e-mail identity, as well as one that maybe we know. For that reason I may re-send invitations even if you have already signed up as an author. We can have up to 100 authors on this blog.

If it is okay I thought I would post our e-mail addresses, with the phone number contacts as it was sent to me by Betzion.

However if I did that, I think I might just have it up for several days. However if we even get one public or private objection, this will not be done.

Proposal: Lets plan an informal meeting soon, perhaps even before the 9 days kicks in.
Proposal: A new section: Ask a Shyla? You can address your question to a "professional" to a Rabbi, or to all of us.
Proposal: There is a way to post an opinion poll and actually even count votes. We need about three times as many members here for such a thing to work.
Proposal: Anyone who can post, can propose, nominate, etc.

Nominations: Boruch M. who used to live in Passaic, I believe he is still "not yet married". The Pearlmutters, because they opened their home to us for our meeting, as well as having singles at their house for Shabbos meals. Denille who is also single and in Passaic.

Actions taken: An invitation was sent out to the proposed adoptive family. Shlomo was given moderator status.

Hatzlacha Rabba! Good Shabbos to all!

PS:Proposal: E-mail addresses for proposed "new members" actual Passaic singles can be sent to me for inclusion into this site without formal nomination procedures.


Proposal: Lack of objections becomes interpreted as positive permission within 24 hours or so.
Procedures on how to overthrow the creator of this blog will be forthcoming.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Welcome to our Blog!

What this blog is, can be, and what we can do here.

1) Propose ideas:
At this point any idea (from anyone) is a good idea.

Whats the scoop on the upcoming Shabbaton @ the Tiff?

Nominate people:

1) Since this posting board was initially Shlomo's idea, I'd entertain a motion to nominate Shlomo to become a moderator here. Maybe together we can help acheive the idea he had in mind when it was suggested.

2) Since we might need to adopt a family for purposes of shidduch readings, idea, plans suggestions etc... I'd entertain a motion to nominate the Rosenbaum's (Aaron & Yehudis) as our founding family mainly because they did put together an actual singles event, in the very recent past. They have also told me that even if we only had seven guys (oddly enough) that was my projected estimate, they would put on a shidduchim workshop.

What this blog is not:

1) Its not open to search engines.
2) I have not seen any Ads here yet.
3) You have to be invited to post or even read this blog.

The blog is not here to compete with what other shidduchim groups are doing. At the meeting there was a suggetion that we can also become proactive and help ourselves.

More of what we can do:

Suggest new members:

All we need is some agreement amongst ourselves that so and so should become a member, get his e-mal address, send him an invite, he sets up a free google email account and he's in. Simple!

What this Blog Can Be:

An opportunity for us to talk amongst ourselves:

Public Responses encouraged:
Private responses can also be sent to stevesanders38@yahoo.com

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Initial Post

Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2008 00:51:05 -0400
From: "Boris Gelfand"

Boris Gelfand wrote:

Dear Gentlemen,

Thank you for joining us yesterday at the Perlmuters' home for a town hall meeting and expressing your ideas.

The ideas that were expressed can be summarized as follows:

A. Mixed events: mixed large and/or small shabbos tables,shabbatons, mixed events with facilitators.

A1. Non-mixed shabbos tables: where families in a structured way meet guys and girls and think of good matches

B. Dating workshops: communication, presentation, expectations, profile/resume.

C. Adopt a Single: local families adopt singles and provide them with companionship and guidance throughout the shidduch process and serve as their advocates no matter what.

D. YLS and Passaic shadchanim need better PR: ad in the Yeshiva Ketana guide, etc.

E. Meet the shadchan day was overall approved.

If I missed anything or you have something to add, please let me know.

I have a list and contact information of the attendees. If you do not want your information shared with other singles, please let me know, since the attendees wanted to be in touch with other singles, and I would like to distribute the list.

If you would like that others daven for you, please email your Hebrew name and your mother's Hebrew name.

Finally, my wife and I know a number of single girls. If you would like us or others help you with shidduch suggestions, please email me your profile and, if you have, your photo.

Follow up steps will be discussed separately.

Again, thank you very much for showing up last night and contributing at the open forum. May this, IY"H, lead to the events you find helpful and, ultimately, enable you find your bashert.

Good Shabbos,
Posting from Aharon Moshe Sanders:

The was the intial e-mail as follow up to our shidduchim meeting. This private Blog is being proposed as an electronic posting forum by which we can stay in touch. Everyone who's email was sent to me by Boris has been invited to become an author on this blog. This Blog has been set to be only visible to authurs of this blog. With your permission I would like to be able to suggest actual shidduchs here so that follow ups can be made in their proper time.

Proper conduct as far as keeping people's private information private should be adhered to. I do not expect any blanket approvals and do require feedback to proceed. Also I would like to propose that interested married couples be invited to participate, especially since we require their help in reading the Shidduchs. Things can actually be proposed and implemented right here. Please help to keep this dialogue going.

Passaic Dating

Passaic Dating

Writers often get their inspiration from everyday activities. Partly what makes a writer, a writer is that as they experience their day they imagine how they could some up their thoughts in a nicely worded phrase, paragraph, article or story.

Today at the market. while I was checking over a dozen eggs, making sure none were cracked someone came up to me and told me that there was another bulldozer today in Israel which killed 75 people. I said the proper bracha (baruch dayan emet) and tried to focus on what else he was saying as he was moving away from me in the market.

Then a women had asked me what he had said, I told her about a bulldozer in Israel. She told me that happened a while ago. I told her he said it was another bulldozer. she told me she had not heard about etc. I went back to shopping. Then when I saw her again I had asked for her name. I told her I am relatively new to the area a BT etc. I then told her my status, meaning that I am looking to get married. She told me how there were plenty of single women in the area etc. I asked about her having guests for shabbos, and we exchanged information.

Even small things happen for reasons. As a person with a goal it is important to reach out to available networks. I had read elsewhere on a blog, that one should try to network with married couples so that they would consider you for shidduchim.

The results of a recent meeting: